Don’t fall for their lies!

I have been sick and therefore have been either in bed or on the couch. When I am on the couch I am watching lots and lots of crappy TV. I can not believe how many ‘diet’ commercials are on the TV. There are several things that I have noticed. First they all try to tell the consumers that ‘dieting’ is simple. Just do whatever they are suggesting…shake sprinkles, drink shakes, take pills, eat their foods, etc. The second problem I see is that they all try to sell their product with the line of you really don’t need to change anything in your life. Come on! Wake up, folks! Diets are temporary solutions not lifelong solutions.
The over arching theme of Wellspring Journey is to develop a healthy obsession. They describe a healthy obsession as a sustained preoccupation with the planning and execution of target behaviors to reach a healthy goal. It is all about making healthy choices that you can do consistently with fidelity. It is also about not letting yourself make excuses for not following through with these healthy changes.
Don’t’ fall for the easy solutions. Permanent weight controlling takes effort and commitment.

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