Love to munch!

Several of us were talking a while back and it was discovered that we all loved to munch on things that were crunchy and salty. I can add spicy too! But if you ever look at the number of fat grams in chips you know that it can be costly to sit down and begin to munch away. Even my ‘healthy’ corn tortilla chips had 7 grams of fat for 15 chips (at a 150 calories). Now let us assume for a moment that I would stop at 15 chips, that is still about 1/3 of my fat grams for the day just to have a crunchy treat. I just can not wrap my head using that many fat grams for a treat. Then I remembered that I had (a long time ago) had made my own chips…that wee fat free! Now all corn tortillas are not fat free. But if you take those corn tortillas and back them you are left with a yummy treat. I cut the tortillas into 6 pieces and back them for about 12 minutes. Those 6 have 50 calories. I also leave them whole and place them directly on the rack. Again I back them for about 12 minutes and use those to make tostadas. The best part about these chips is that they are warm and fresh which enhances their flavor. My family actually prefers them now.

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