Stop Chasing Me

Seriously! Go away!

Seriously! Go away!

I have been learning to be so much more creative with my cooking. I try so many different flavors to make my healthy choices flavorful and delicious. Since I also cook for John, who is not keen on vegetables and low fat foods, I need to come up with ways of getting him to eat what I make. I don’t want to have to cook two different things. So I have to be inventive. Sometimes I get bored, tired, and even overwhelmed. When that happens, it seems that the cupcakes start chasing me. Essentially, I become tempted by all the junk I have no business eating. So far I have been able to stay clear but I won’t lie, I do fantasize. So I need to keep looking for inventive ways to create foods my family loves that loves us back.

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1 Response to Stop Chasing Me

  1. John Mosier says:

    They all love me so much they leave messages all around my waist which are not erasable,cannot be deleted and call friends from all around my body to contribute to and enjoy the fruits of their contributions which create more feelings of love that attract more messages and so it goes.

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