Crank up the intensity!

For a long time I was happily running for 30 seconds and walking for 1 minute. I would always tell myself that I wanted to get to the point that I was running more than I was walking. But each time I would try, I would find some reason to freak out. In December, two girls I run with said they wanted to be able to run the entire 5 k. I said okay, I will create a schedule (I love schedules!). As I was doing this particular schedule I actually began to panic! I was scared. I ended up creating two schedules…one that they asked for and one I thought was still aggressive but more realistic. In January we started training. Each week we add 10 seconds to our run time. We actually just completed running 2:20 and walking 1:00. Crazy thing is that we have ultimately adjusted our schedule again to just adding 10 seconds each week and not worry about how long it will take us to run an entire 5k. But there was another adjustment as well. One that I never thought would happen. Last week I commented on the fact that the run we set (5.0) was feeling slow and too easy. So we decided to increase it. I was scared so I just increased it to 5.2. It was easy as well. The next day I increased it to 5.5 for the run and 3.7 for the walk. I was nervous but I did it. On Saturday for our long distance I decided to use the 5k intervals we had been practicing all week. So I ran my 6 miles using intervals of 2:20 and 1:00. You know what? I worked hard but it was doable. So doable that I finished my 6 miles in 58 minutes! So as I go into the new week, I know I can not let the intensity ride for out morning workouts. It is time to crank it up. The walk? The run? Both? I say bring it on! Let’s see what a walk of 4.0 and a run of 6.0 feels like.

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