Wii Dance Party

So last week we talked about different ways we could get exercise. One of the ladies in the group suggested doing Dance Party. So this week we did it. So in preparation for the evening, I wore my best retro disco-like dress. I even wore it to work. A client complimented my dress. I told her I wore it just for a “Dance Party” party night. She laughed. I think she thought I was kidding. Oh course, I wasn’t.
I have never used a Wii. I have done things like Zumba though. It takes me so long to figure out the dances for Zumba. The one thing I learned from Zumba is that it is all about having fun. I couldn’t tell you if I spend more time laughing or dancing.
Tonight was no different. I laughed so hard and danced like a fool. The entire time I kept saying things like…Why do you get a crown? I am sure my sensor isn’t working. The machine can’t keep up with my perfect moves.
We got an awesome workout. My heart was racing. I was all sweaty. My arms are really feeling it. We will definitely need to do this again.

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