Sticks and Stones….

We all know the nursery rhyme…Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Seriously…words are so incredibly powerful. They can build you up and tear you down. It is not just the words you hear from others but also the words you use when talking to yourself.
The other day someone told me that her husband regularly calls her fat, disgusting, obese, ugly, and so on. I asked her, “You don’t believe that do you?” Her response floored me. She told me that she did believe all the mean awful things her husband said about her. She then went on to provide evidence to support why he was right. My heart broke. Here stood a beautiful woman with a great heart and she could not see that she was worthy of love, respect, affection, adoration, and all sorts of other wonderful things.
The destruction of this woman’s soul began with her husband’s unkind and degrading words. But then she joined in by telling herself all of it was true. Our thoughts lead to feelings which trigger our belief in our self. This in turn creates behaviors that have consequences. This woman heard belittling words from her husband. She immediately thought them to be true and that she was disgusting. Sadly, her feelings have become numbed, deadened from years of hearing these things. Her belief is that she is not worthy of being loved and respected. Ultimately this belief has her turning right back to food for comfort. She says when she eats she actually feels something. The consequence is the she continues to gain weight and the ridicule does not stop. Sadly, I suspect that the ridicule wouldn’t stop even she lost enough weight get down to a size 6.
Answer to the dilemma? PMA! Positive mental attitude. Stop the negative self-talk and begin using positive affirmations. Find a mantra. Plaster it everywhere. Every time you see it, say it out loud! Sounds corny? It might be but I know for a fact it works. My mantra…I AM WORTHY. I have it engraved in a silver ring, written in Hebrew. It was the only thing I bought when I went to the Israel. Not only did I post it everywhere when I first started using it, I even told friends. These trusted friends would periodically ask me…What are you? I would say…I AMA WORTHY!
What is your mantra?

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