Opps…I did it again!

No, I am not talking about Brittany!! Please! But I am talking about falling off the wagon or off program. I came back from Mother’s Day weekend and spoke with several fellow moms and the theme seemed to be that Sunday was a day to throw out all sensible eating. Some of these moms went all out and ate everything under the sun and then felt extremely guilty for having done that. Monday came and they were still hanging their heads and struggling to get back on track. Others ate things they knew they shouldn’t. Things that were not healthy for them but come Monday they were right back on track. We all have tough days when we do not make the exact choices we would like. But that moment should define us for a lifetime. The beautiful thing about each day is that there is beginning and an end. We can start each day fresh and if it is a tough day we can finish the day knowing we have that fresh start in the morning.
Have you had a rough day? Did you eat things you ‘shouldn’t’? Did you eat more than you should have? Did you skip exercise today? Okay…so you made a mistake. Decide right now to change. Decide right now to get back on track. There is no time like the present. You can do it!

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