Getting Started

My daughter asked me for some advice about getting started on losing some weight. She reminded me of so many different people including myself. She wanted all the details so she could begin doing everything. We talked for a long time about picking one or two things to tackle and getting those down to a habit. So after talking for a while she decided she would eat breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up. That is huge for her because she would often go all day before eating anything. Then of course she would be starving and would eat way too much. The other things she did was decided to eat a little something every two hours or so. She has been doing this for a few weeks and has been doing well. She has been checking in with me and she has noticed that she is not starving all the time. She also said she does not feel sick to her stomach as much. It is still an issue but she is starting to see what foods bother her and which ones don’t. The one thing that she realizes is that if she is not prepared she has a tough time. She had bought some granola bars for her breakfast. But when she ran out, she had a hard time getting her breakfast in and that turned into issue with eating every two hours. She is learning that if she plans ahead she does better.
She has now decided to add a physical challenge to her day. She did quite a few squats though and her but is sore. Hopefully she is not too sore to keep trying. I am very proud of her because I know how hard it is to even begin. I also know she would like instant results but that is not realistic. I hope she can stay tough, and chip away at her goals and achieve the weight loss she wants!

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