Farmer’s Market

Now that summer seems to be here to stay, we should start seeing more fresh fruits and vegetables available at decent prices. Wondering through the grocery stores I am starting to see more berries on sale. I saw raspberries at a great price and bought up several containers. I threw those in the freezer. Farmer’s markets are also up and going. The nice thing is that there are a variety of fresh produce available from local markets. It is a great way to support local growers. It is also a great way to try some new things. Last time ‘I was at a farmer’s market I was able to get some great veggies but I also was able to get some great salsa, honey, and interesting cheeses. Summer is the perfect time to try different recipes that feature fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here is a great refreshing recipe to try:

Watermelon and Cucumber Salad
–Cut up watermelon into chunks of about 1 inch cubes
–Peel and slice cucumbers
–limes for juicing
–White pepper

There should be about 2 parts watermelon to one part cucumber. Toss together. Add lime juice and White pepper. Toss again. Chill.

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