Create a Life Extending Habit


Whenever someone starts a new exercise plan, they usually start out at full steam and quickly find themselves overwhelmed and/or struggling. Then they end up quitting. But if you look at your exercise plan and think about it in smaller chunks you can increase the likelihood of sticking with it for the long term.
You need to be realistic about where you are right now and what kind of steps you should take to make forward progress. So if you have not done any type of exercise at all for a long time (or ever) you should not jump in expecting to do an hour of high intensity exercise every day. That is not healthy or realistic. It would be much more realistic to start small by adding 10-15 minutes of walking to your day. Once that is comfortable, you could then add to that. Keep adding 5-10 minutes until you get to about 45 minutes a day. Then start playing with the intensity or type of exercise you do.
The biggest goal is to be consistent in getting some form of exercise done every day. It is the habit piece of exercise that is so important. What you do, length of exercise, and intensity are all things that can be worked with and change over time.
So have fun, find support, and create an awesome habit that will extend your life!

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