FREE Support Group

We all need support as we make our way on this weight loss journey. I would love to say that there will be a finish line when we no longer need to work at this. The reality is that we will have different challenges at different points. That is why a support group is great. There will be weeks you will need encouragement and weeks when you are the one to do the encouraging.

We are opening up our support group to anyone interested in losing weight and being a part of a supportive group. I have included the information below. Please note a few things:
• You need to be ready for a change
• You need to be willing to commit to two months of coming to the group and trying it
• You need to be willing to accept that this is NOT a quick fix but a life style change.
• You need to be willing to spend NOTHING to join! That is right is a free group.

Interested? Come out Wednesday night at 7-8:30 pm. It is at my house (9416 S. Harding, Evergreen Park, IL). Have questions? Call me at 708-267-7700. If this isn’t the week, maybe next week will be. You can join any time.

I hope to see many new faces soon.
Each week we will meet to support each other in our weight loss journey.
Participants will come in and retrieve their folder that contains their progress chart. Then they will weight themselves and mark it on the chart. They will also log in the number of days they ate 20 grams of fat or less, took 10,000 steps or more, and wrote down everything they ate.
Then we will check in and see how everyone’s week was, answer any questions, and generally make sure everyone feels secure in tackling another week.
Last we will have a topic that deals with mental skills needed for successful weight loss and life style change.

The Plan:
The plan is simple in nature. It is easy to remember. But that is not to say that it will always be easy to carry out. It will require you to change how you think about food and exercise.

3 Simple Behavioral Goals
1. Eat very little fat. Aim for zero fat grams, accept 20 gram per day.
2. Stay active, accumulating 10,000steps per day. A pedometer is a great way to keep track. There are also websites that can help you figure this out as well, especially for those activities such as swimming where you would not be wearing a pedometer.
3. Self-Monitor. Write down in a journal, computer, phone, or tablet, whatever works for you. But you need to write down 100% of your eating and steps (and exercise).

1 Overarching Goal
1. To develop a healthy obsession. Research shows that a consistent pattern of behaviors is vital. Accept no excuses. A healthy obsession is a sustained preoccupation with the planning and execution of target behavior to reach a healthy goal.

8 Steps to Develop and Maintain Your Healthy Obsessions
1. Make the decision.
2. Know your biology.
3. Eat to lose.
4. Find lovable foods the love you back
5. Move to lose
6. Self-monitor and plan consistently
7. Understand and manage stress-with and without food
8. Use slump busters to overcome slumps

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