You CAN get your exercise in each day

Some months ago I found the Beck Diet Solution on Facebook. Beck advocates for cognitive changes. What? I mean they work to help people change the way they think about dieting, being healthy, eating, etc. There are all sorts of neat resources available on their website. However, what I love most is the blasts I get each and every day during the week to encourage me along the way. I started getting these when I went to their Facebook page ( and liked them. Each day of the work week is devoted to a theme. Today is Wednesday Sabotage as is every Wednesday. On Wednesday you get words of wisdom for conquering the biggest sabotager in your life—YOU! So here is what was written for today.

Wednesday Sabotage: If I can’t exercise for at least half an hour, it’s not worth doing anything. Response: ANY exercise is better than no exercise! Five minutes is better than zero minutes. It’s important for me to prove to myself that I can stay in the exercise habit even when I have limited time.

I could not help but think of key ways to overcome this problem. Here are a few of my suggestions…I have tried all them at some point in my life:
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
• Park farther away
• Get off the bus/train at a stop a bit further away
• Use the bathroom at the other end of the building or a different floor
• Drink more water so you have to go to the bathroom even more
• Set a timer for every 30 minutes and get up and do a short one minute burst of exercise—squats, walk in place, jumping jacks, push-ups off the desk or counter, etc.
• Talk a walk on your lunch break
• Walk 10 minutes before work, 10 minutes after work…get crazy and add 10 at lunch!
• Walk to work
• Ride your bike to work
• Walk to the store, bank, etc
• Ride your bike to the store, bank, etc
• Do exercises during commercial breaks of your favorite TV shows. The commercials are longer than you think. You can really get your heart pumping.

Are you getting the picture? Saying you can’t is just an excuse…if you want it bad enough you will figure it and make a difference in your life. You need to believe that YOU are worth the effort.

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