Boy did I learn something this week!

About 5 years ago I had an injury to my right hip that caused me to have to just about stop all activity. The problem was that the pain I had from movement of any kind was awful but being still was even worse. I found I could not sit, stand, lay down, nothing. I was seen by every type of doctor possible. I had MRIs, X-rays, neurological exams and they all showed the same thing…nothing! I kept asking how can I go from walk/running long distances to nothing so fast and not be able to find relief. They pushed hard to tell me I was making it all up in head for attention. Yeah, right!

I gave up on modern medicine and began looking other places. One place that I sought answers was a site called Functional Medicine University ( I learned a lot of interesting things but not the answer to my issue. In the end, after 18 months of suffering, the pain left in the same rapid and mysterious way it came on.

In the meantime, I had signed up for the newsletters fro FMU and as the years have progressed they have arrived in my email box and I have glanced at them. Then a few weeks ago I received on that said FREE Webinar on Obesity: A Novel Approach. I got excited. I signed up and I waited. So this last Monday I was able to sit in on this Webinar. It was great.

Rick Bramos was our presenter and he laid out his thoughts about obesity and what he has been doing to help those in need. I cried (really did cry) when he opened the session by reminding us that the American Medical Association has now determined that obesity is a disease and that losing weight is not simply about calories in versus calories out. Finally someone else has stated what I have known all my life. For the next hour he shared so much information.

He talked about eliminating all sugar drink (no drinking your calories), doing away with all other types of sugar, eliminating starches of any kind at 5 of your evening meals, eat whole foods low in fat and sugar, have 3 substantial meals, avoid snacking if at all possible, only workout 2 times a week making sure it is resistance training, and last take the focus off of the scales and measurements.

He gave me lots to think about. I agree with almost everything he has to say and I am thrilled I had the opportunity to hear this seminar. If you are interested in learning more you can go to and check out everything that he is doing.

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