Good Bye, Diet Coke!

sparkdiet cokeAs of tomorrow at noon I will be Diet Coke free for one full week. If you are not an addict then this may seem like nothing. In the past I have tried to kick the habit. I have been told to not drink for a period of time so the doctors could test for different things. Each of these times I was mean, nasty, cranky, moody, etc. I would have headaches and lack energy. People really avoided me during these periods of time.

Last week on Wednesday (8/21) I began to drink Spark. It is a vitamin, energy drink that is sugar free without artificial sweeteners and only has 45 calories. I drank to try it. I had no preconceived ideas about what it would or would not do. I noticed right away an increase in energy. I also realized that the craving for a Diet Coke just was not there. Understand, it was not my intent to stop drinking Diet Coke. That day I think I only had three 20 ounce bottles (that was good for me). The next day was similar but I only had one bottle. Friday and Saturday I only had one 12 ounce can each day. Sunday I had 16 ounce fountain drink and it really didn’t taste very good. After that I didn’t even want one. This last week I did not struggle to stay away from the Diet Coke. I had no headaches, no bloating, no mood swings, and a ton more energy.

Now I drink a serving of Spark in the morning and one in midafternoon. The rest of the day I drink water…good old H2O!

I can not speak highly enough about this product. If you are interested in trying it for yourself, go to and check it out.

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