Sticking to it even when the plan didn’t work!

So I have been having to visit a certain government office over the last few weeks. Like most government offices there is a lot of waiting and just when you think they can not make you wait anymore…they do. That was how it was yesterday. Not only did I want for ever, I was not even sure what I was wanting on. Now, it should be noted that I know better than to show up at these offices mid day but I thought I would be in and out since I just needed to drop something off. I know it was silly.

So I had been waiting for almost three hours and my stomach was growling, my head was hurting, all the little snacks I had were long gone. I stood up to realize that the entire office except one person was gone…on lunch! I asked the security guard what time they thought everyone would be back. She assured me that they would be back by 2:15 p.m. I had 10 minutes. At that point I know I have to eat something so I head out of the building and realize that the only place close was a Family Dollar store.

I know walking in that my choices were going to be less than desirable. I am immediately met with chips, candy, and soda. I thought…well these will at least end the horrible feeling I am experiencing for a bit. But then I realized that while it may be a quick fix, it will derail me in so many other manners.

I headed towards the back towards the other snack type foods. There I came across low fat pretzels and beef jerky. Beef jerky gets a bad rap but it is low in fact and high in protein. So $5.00 later I head back with my pretzels and beef jerky and have my lunch while I wait some more. Sadly, I could have spent $2.00 and had candy, chips, and a soda. Healthier is more expensive but I am worth it!

Lesson learned? There is always a better choice. It might not be the best choice but it is better than junk food.

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