Non-Scale Victories!

cropped-imagesca6romhu.jpgWe all like to get on a scale and see the numbers go down. When those numbers don’t do what we expect it is hard to handle. Over the last year and especially the last 9 months I have been working on not getting so caught up on the scale number. I will not lie, it still matters to me. But now when I see an increase instead of decrease I can look at it more objectively. I can detach the emotions of the moment and think about what I did that week. It is not easy but it is getter easier to do.

With this new attitude I have had to look at other gages or markers that show success.

•Measure yourself with a tape measure. Measure as many places possible to know exactly where you are losing weight–calves, thigh, hips, waist, chest, arms and neck. The most important measurement is your waist. The Weight-control Information Network states, “If you carry fat mainly around your waist, you are more likely to develop health problems than if you carry fat mainly in your hips and thighs.” Waist circumference measurements are often used by healthcare professionals to determine your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, or other health problems.

•Take pictures. Because of your body image, you may not visually realize any weight loss when looking in the mirror. Body image is the way you see yourself and imagine how you look. A skinny person may look at themselves in the mirror and still see the fat person they once were. Taking pictures while you lose weight will give a physical comparison and make weight loss changes more noticeable.

•See how your clothes fit. Most clothes will become looser as you lose weight. You can also buy an outfit one size smaller than your current size. Keep buying one size smaller until your desired size is reached.

•Visit family and close friends that haven’t seen you in months. Choose people you can trust that will tell you the truth. Watch for facial reactions and listen for comments or remarks regarding your weight, size or appearance.

•Take notice of changes. Not needing two airplane seats anymore, being able to walk down an isle without bumping someone, having space between your chest and the steering wheel or not needing wide shoes are all physical signs of weight loss.

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