Find your purpose or reason today!

When we decide to lose weight it may start out being about looking better. But if we spend some time and dig deeper we will often see that there is more to it than the outside appearance. As with all challenges, it is easier to stay motivated if you really understand your why.

So ask yourself…”Why do I want to lose weight?” Answers: To look better, to feel better, to get healthier, to set an example, etc! But then the question becomes, “If I lose weight and I look better (for example), how will that change or improve my life?” You need to ask this of yourself several times.

Check out this example:
Why do you want to lose weight? To get healthier.
Why do you want to get healthier? So I can do things I have always wanted to do.
Why? Because by being able to do anything I want to do, I am setting a good example for my children.
Why is this important? I do not want my children growing up in an unhealthy situation and I want them to live long active lives.

So you see by digging deeper, the real reason for losing weight is to provide a healthy environment with good role models for the children. So when things get rough (and they will), you need to go back to the reason. Are you will to stop the work needed to get healthy and sacrifice the health of your children? Of course not! So you dig deep and keep moving ahead.

Without the purpose or reason for doing something it is too easy to get off track.

Find your purpose or reason today!

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