What’s missing from your weight loss plan?

So I was browsing through the internet and came upon an article written in Prevention magazine. It was title: What’s missing from your weight loss plan? If you want to read it the entire article (it is worthwhile, for sure!) here is the link: http://www.prevention.com/weight-loss/weight-loss-tips/whats-missing-your-weight-loss-plan

So the author discussed the fact that we work on our food and exercise but that is not enough. She brings up the idea of mindfulness. She cites a study that talked about the more aware we are of what you do, how we feel and how we behave, the better we will be able to recognize old eating patterns and establish new ones.

I love seeing more and more of these types of articles being published. For such a long time people have thought that weight loss is simply calories in versus calories out. Eat less and exercise more. Definitely true but our minds, the most important part of body plays such a pivotal role in determining how this all balances out.

Mental skills are those skills you use day in and day out to help manage your life. The mental skills you use most and form a foundation for your day to day living are motivation, attitude, people skills, and goals and commitment. Building on those, skills such as self-talk and mental imagery get used in preparation for big decisions, taking action, or creating a change. The way you use self-talk and mental imagery determine how you into these areas. Then once you decided to take action, you have to pull on other mental skills. These mental skills are coping with anxiety, coping with strong emotions, and concentration often determine the outcome of your actions. Successful coping often results in successful outcomes.

Over the last year, I have come to realize that my own personal weight loss journey has been more successful as I have embraced these skills and learned to develop them. We can all learn them, you just need to be more mindful as the author suggested!

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