Happy Halloween!

Families, is this a fun day or a toxic one? I remember looking forward to this day with my daughter but then the day when come and we end up crashing and burning. Our expectations were usually out of whack with reality. We would be so excited that we went too far. So there would be melt downs by one or both of us. Our bellies would be sick from stress, tensions and too much junk!

I have some incredible creative friends who embrace this holiday as a time to interact with neighbors in creative and imaginative ways. I am envious of their ability to pull something like off and remain balanced in doing so.

So I think back and realize that I did learn some pieces of wisdom. Perhaps a bit late but still I learned and can share with you.

•Be realistic! Have fun!
•Know your limitations. Don’t think you can be out for hours and hours without rest and nourishment.
•Nourishment is essential and does not mean eating the candy as you go! Plan for healthy snacks and meals in your travels. They can be fun and creative but they fuel you and the kids so much better than a sugary treat.
•Have a plan for all that candy. The candy eating usually does not stop until it is all gone. This is not healthy for anyone.
•Here is a plan I used a few times (and it made it a better night!). Pull out sandwich sized baggies. Have each child create two baggies for themselves. They can fill them with their favorites. They can then fill other bags to be given away. Get stickers so they can decorate the bags and add their personal touch. Then find a deserving place to give that candy to. Take the kids with you so they can be the ones giving it away. One suggestion is a homeless shelter, especially one that specializes in families. Your children can be a blessing to someone else’s children. By doing this everyone wins.

So enjoy your Halloween and hopefully you can bless someone in the process!

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