Finding Balance Between Running and Weight Training

I love to run and prefer to run long distances. I used to think that my legs were strong enough, after all I was running many miles each week. I then started to add weight training but then I fell into the pattern of letting my miles slip. I struggled to find a balance.

Those times I did find a balance, I noticed the difference. I was faster, stronger, and fatigued less easily. I did work on my legs but I also worked on my core and upper body. When my core is shape everything about my running seems to fall in place. The running becomes very zen like.

Well, lately I feel off the weight training wagon due to time and who knows laziness? But I realize that if I am going to continue to get faster I can not let my weight training go to the wayside.
So I looked up classes at the gym and have been trying them out. I found on that really focuses in on technique and form. I love that. I am adding weight training to get stronger, not to get injured. So I will be adding these to my schedule twice a week to start.

As I was trying to understand how to create that balance again, I ran across an article at that talked about bringing long distance running and weight training together. I thought is offered some great tips for what to do and why certain exercises were important to runners. It would be worth your time to check it out at:

Good luck to anyone else who is out there struggling to combine the two! Have any tips, I would love to hear them!

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1 Response to Finding Balance Between Running and Weight Training

  1. I also struggle to balance the two, like many runners. Now that I’m not training for anything in specific, I’m trying to embrace lower mileage and weights for a bit — switching up my routine and giving my body the break it is craving!

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