I am in love with the idea of oatmeal. The warm bowl of goodness in the morning sounds like the prefect way to start a day. For a long time I struggled with wanting to like it and being able to find a way that I would enjoy it. I find that most recipes have the oatmeal runny. I also found that many had extra sugar and fat that really was not needed. Then there was the idea of having to stand at a stove in the morning and cook something. I was too busy for that. So over the years I have discovered a few things.

I prefer my oatmeal thicker and more paste like. When I mix in the water, I use half of what is called for.

In order to combat the sugar levels, I looked to instant oatmeals that were sugar free, no sugar added, etc. The trade off was still the calories per packet, how well they filled me up, and the amount of fat.

In the fat department, I avoided those with nuts and such. If I went out and tried to order I would ask how it was made. I didn’t want cream and butter added. McDonald’s has an oatmeal that if I request can be modified to my liking. But no all places have that ability.

Then I discovered BestOats and they made a no sugar added, low fat oatmeal. I loved it. I would eat two packets for a total of 200 calories, 4 grams of fat and 2 sugars. Then they stopped carrying it my grocery store or perhaps they just stopped making it.

I had been given a canister of Quick Oats and decided to try. The first time I made double the portion thinking it would be the same as the packets I had been making. Nope! It was twice as much. I was so full that morning. Too full.

So for 1/2 cup of oats (1 portion), I get 130 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 2 sugars. It cooked just as easy as the other stuff. So excited.

Now for the toppers. I love fruit. I have been chopping up a granny smith apple and putting in the bowl BEFORE I cook it. I add a dash of cinnamon to it. After three minutes, I essential am eating hot apple pie for breakfast! YUMMY!

I know I should care more about the quality of oats I use but the reality is that I don’t. Sorry. But I do know that for others it is important. Therefore, I will leave you with a comparison I found the other day. Interesting Information and equally good conversations in the comment section.
Check it out at: http://www.prevention.com/whats-healthier-steel-cut-oats-or-rolled-oats

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