Despite the fact that obesity is a national epidemic, there seems to be little agreement on how to handle the crisis. The rates are on a steady incline for adults and those being impacted by this trend are becoming younger and younger. Research is beginning to demonstrate statistics for preschoolers who are obese. At some point there must be a concentrated effort to change the direction of this trend.
This needs to come from a variety of domains. For instance, the health care industry needs to take an active approach that is cost effective for the people in their treatment options, education, and prevention programs. However, there are other domains that need to change their approaches or else the health care industry will only being treating the end result not really making changes. For instance, schools need to really reform their food programs. The amount of unhealthy food available is creating significant harm. Also, media needs to change how they target the public to buy the unhealthy foods.

Until there is a nationwide systematic change, obesity will continue to be a problem.

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