Extra Ordinary

I love being active. Even when I was heavy and out of shape I would be active. I was often out of breath and struggling but I never sat still. As I lost more and more weight the need to move has increased incredibly. Hence the reason why running is important and empowering for me. I find the running community to be a great place to connect with others. It is a place where I can give encouragement and also receive it. It doesn’t matter if we have ever met face to face or had met before that moment, we are connected because of our running and it is through that connection we can call one another family. The more connected I get the stories I hear or read that just tug at my heart and fill with joy. I want to share a story I recently read about that did just that!
If you subscribe to Runner’s World you can read all about him (see page 90!). But here is his story in a nut shell. Brian Simpson is 44 years old and was diagnosed with stage-4 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In 2001 he almost lost his life. At that time he was 355 pounds and unable to breathe on his own. He heard about another patient who improved their breathing by playing the oboe. He tried it and through a lot of hard word work he was able to bring his lungs back to a functional level. He then took up walking and then running (with a portable oxygen unit) and lost 130 pounds! Wait…it gets better…for his THIRD marathon be completed in 4:59:25! Amazing!
I read his story in Runner’s World and thought it incredible. Then one day I was on the Half Fanatic site and he mentioned that his story was in Runner’s world…I went back and check out which one.
RW calls him an extra ordinary person…I totally agree.

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