Never ending leftovers!

I love leftovers. I like eating a good meal more than once or turning what is left into another new distinct meal. But when the leftovers are high fat, high calorie foods that I have no business eating over and over again then we have to think of another solution.

I just a few things:

1. Give it away to someone else. Create doggie bags for the people who were at your house and have them take it home.

2. Throw it away. I know it sounds wasteful but sometime you just need to get rid of the food that is tempting you.

3. Divide it up into small portions and freeze it. This way you can still enjoy it but in very small doses and letting a tempting food thaw takes time and will often yield in you deciding not to even bother.

4. Plan for the next holiday. Can you think of small ways to modify your favorite recipes so that they are not as damaging? If you can make a more health friendly version then the left overs will not be such a big deal.

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