The Holiday Gain

Our group weighed in yesterday night.  Some of us had great weight loss ever the holiday week and others of us only gain a small fraction of a pound.  Either way, we all felt great and celebrated the fact that we did not end up like so many others who gain weight over the Thanksgiving weekend.

I have found research that suggests that many people gain 1 pound between Thanksgiving and New Years.  But I have also read that people can gain as much as 5 pounds, especially if they are sedentary.

I know it is hard with all the parties and non-routine eating going on.  Much of the food that is around is deceiving as well.  Some people gain more and that’s not surprising considering how quickly the calories add up: Four ounces of eggnog; two sugar cookies and nine Hershey’s kisses tally about 500 calories. Two glasses of red wine, five boiled shrimp dipped with cocktail sauce, six crackers with cheese spread and a piece of fudge are roughly 600 calories.

If your parties are anything like the ones I go to, there is giant table to food spread out and you fill your plate, often several times, and eat it while talking.  Thus you are often not aware of everything you are really eating.  So I would suspect that if you just stuck with the examples above you night be doing better than you thought…but are you really stopping at 4 oz. of eggnog?

The good news is you do have a choice during this season. There is no reason why you can not plan for parties and stick to your food plan.  Also it is important to stick to your exercise routine.  Often extra parties means less exercise due to fatigue.  In an ideal work you could continue to lose weight but what it you simple maintained it? Would that be a victory?  I would say yes, especially if past experience is that you gain several pounds.

Last bit of advice.  holidays are meant to be celebrated.  So celebrate but do it with what is most important…our friends and families…not food.  It is the relationships that last not the food on the buffet.


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