Report: Obesity kills more Americans than previously thought

This video is from this summer. I was so surprised to hear that the numbers were so much higher than originally thought.

This is such an informative report. It is no wonder that obesity is now considered a disease.

There are ways to change the course of obesity but it is difficult. Too many think it is simply a case of will power. If it is that simple then this would not be such a huge problem. It takes changes on all levels to make a difference–exercise, lifestyle, food choices, thinking, and self-worth. The biggest changes have to come from how we think, feel , and react to food.

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1 Response to Report: Obesity kills more Americans than previously thought

  1. Totally agree.

    Personally the biggest change I think we need is to change the culture of food, nutrition etc, insofar as us expect a top-down approach where we are told what is healthy and what is not (take my most recent blog about FDA/Trans Fats). The information is already out there and we need to take the onus on ourselves to change how we think about the food we are eating and the choices we are making.

    For obesity specifically – I think most people don’t realise how hard it is to come BACK from obesity and the more done to avoid getting into that position altogether, the better.

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