Using the Family’s Stuff

I went to a training today for therapist who work with very young children (birth to 3 years old).  The premise of the workshop was that as therapists we do not need to bring all this fancy equipment, toys, and devices. The families haven items that naturally exist in their homes that can be used not only by the therapist but also by the family when the therapist is not there.  Great training that was filled with great ideas.  The entire time I kept thinking it is the same when working with a family on developing healthy lifestyle habits.

So if you watch TV at all or are on the internet, then you have seen hundreds of products that proclaim to help you lose weight, get in shape and all the while you don’t have to do anything different.  We all know that is not how it works but a magic pill or the wave of a magic wand is still very appealing.

But don’t you need some things that are being sold?  I would say no.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of things that I have bought over the years to help me on my journey.  Some of them sit and gather dust and others are well used.  But if we really think about what we already own and how we can use these things in the development of healthy habits, then we can see that the purchase of additionally stuff is not really necessary.

Let’s think about some of those habits we want to develop:

  • more active–play more with our children, exercise more, etc
  • eat healthier foods–less sugary treats, less fried foods, less fat, more lean protein, more fruits and veggies
  • reduce harmful habits–stop smoking or at least smoke less, drink on special occasions only, stop drinking soda
  • lose weight-create a balance of calories and out so that there is more leaving than coming in

None of these requires the purchase of fancy equipment. So what can you do?

  • more active–as a family go for a walk, head off to the park and play, play catch, play tag, etc.
  • eat healthier foods–we all spend money on food already so not it is a matter of spending your money on those items found on the outside perimeter of the grocery store and not in the aisles.  Buying foods with ingredients that you can pronounce.
  • reduce harmful habits–by not buying cigarettes, alcohol, or soda you can save a huge amount of money that you can either save for a special treat or use to purchase healthier foods.
  • lose weight–as you make better choices your weight will start to change.  The more changes you make the more weight you will be able to lose. Do not go for the quick fix, go for good healthy choices that you can maintain for your lifetime.
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