The Science of Happiness – Operation Kindness

We all have a choice everyday to get up have a positive or negative attitude. Our attitude should never be the by-product of our situation since our attitude is a choice.

This choice is available to us each and everyday, every minute of everyday. Many years ago I had the joy of meeting a young man, Keagan. He had already lost a younger sister to a rare genetic disease and he was battling leukemia. He was only 4 years old. He stood on the that day with his parents talking to us about our attitude. We had 20 miles to run that day. He told us that happiness is a choice. We were going to do 20 miles that day and we could decide to be happy or not. The choice was ours. That young man died a year later. So wise.

This video was an interesting look at an experiment. Watch it! It was a great reminder being kinder makes you happier! It is a CHOICE!

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