100 Day Challenge Starts TOMORROW!

I am so excited. When we ring in the new year we also ring in a new challenge.  John Bingham has challenged us to move for 30 minutes each and every day for 100 days. Please notice a few things.

First I did not say exercise.  Of course you can but your movement is not limited to what we would consider traditional exercise.

Second I never said it had to be consecutive.  That means if you can not get 30 consecutive minutes in due to your schedule, ability, or desire then you can break it up–two 15 minutes segments, three 10 minute segments, six 5 minute segments, etc!

Now let’s put aside some other possible objections.  The one that comes to mind is “I need my day of rest.” Rest is important but rest does not mean get into the yoga pose called the corpse and not move for the entire day. It does mean to treat your body with some extra TLC.  There are many ways of doing this while still moving.

Time is the other objection that I can hear coming up.  Again, it is not 30 consecutive minutes.  Get creative and make it happen.

Here is one that I like to try and use. It is too cold out!  I wish it was an excuse that really worked since I hate the cold. Like I tell myself…there are many ways to move inside.

The last one…money.  I can not afford to join a gym.  The gym is not the only way to get moving.

So what can you do?

  • walk through the mall
  • walk on a tread mill
  • run on a tread mill
  • take a dance class
  • take a group exercise class
  • do any of the other machines in a gym
  • lift weights at home or in a gym
  • play a sport
  • crawl on the ground with kids
  • clean house
  • shovel snow (I hope you never get to do this one!)
  • do the laundry and walk up and down the stairs a few extra times
  • jog in place during commercials while watching TV
  • Go to the bathroom furthest from your office/desk.
  • go to a museum or art gallery
  • go to the zoo (if it isn’t too cold)
  • go to a roller skating rink (when was the last time you did that!)
  • go for hike
  • play tag with the dogs or the kids
  • take the dogs for a walk
  • walk the stairs a few extra times each day
  • walk to the store instead of driving
  • spend time stretching-something we do too little of

Need more inspiration? You can post here what you  are doing and you can find the 100 Day Challenge on Facebook and see what others are doing.


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