First Day of 100 Day Challenge

So I must say that when I suggested that shoveling snow would count towards movement, I really was hoping that I would never have to use it.  But in fact I have spent the majority of my day doing just that.  I cleared the snow from the sidewalks, driveway and back alley at my house in the morning.  Then I clearer the walks and driveway from my folks house in the early afternoon.  Then about 5 pm we repeated the process at both places.  I hate snow but thankfully I had two very important pieces of equipment with me.  I had a snow blower at each house.  I also had the help of my boyfriend.  I had the job of using the snow blowers while my boyfriend had the shovel and cleaned off stairs and narrow areas that I could not get to.

I hope that everyone that has snow is careful with their backs and does not get hurt.  Also be careful with the cold that will be coming tomorrow.

Happy New Year’s Day!

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