A Healthy Family on a Budget

I was sitting here trying to plan out a few trips-some business and others pleasure.  I was going through all the different searches and trying to compare prices.  I had sticker shock for some of the things I was looking at.  Then I started thinking…boy this would be tough if I had others going with me.  That got me thinking about many of the things I do day in and day out that most likely would change if it included more family members.

Unfortunately many of the items we associate with healthy living come with a larger price tag.  However, I think there are still things we can do to include these items and not bust open our bank account.  I will give you an example.  Ground turkey (the extra lean variety 99% fat free) generally cost $7.99 for a pound is you buy Jenny-O.  But if you can find Perdue it generally is $5.99.  The catch is that Perdue is available but the 99% lean is really hard to find. So this is when you stock when there is a sale.  I have seen $2 come off each brand when there is a sale.  Ground turkey freezes great.

So now you have that pound of turkey.  One pound for a family most likely will not seem to be enough if it is used in more traditional ways. What if you were to make the turkey the ‘side’ dish and the vegetables the main dish? This is easy enough if you think about casseroles or soups.  Just be sure not to undo the healthiness of the turkey by adding a lot of cheese and heavy sauces.

So you get the idea when it comes to food.  What about healthy activities? I am watching it snow and snow right now.  I hate snow but many others do not share my opinion.  Go out and play in the snow.  Build a snowman or a fort together. Have a snow ball fight.  That is all FREE.  In better weather make a point of going to the park, riding bikes together, roller blading, and introducing your children to running (my personal favorite). Even now, I had a friend take her family to Starved Rock and they all went exploring.  They had a blast. The cost was the money needed to buy gas for the car.

Getting and staying healthy as a family on budget takes creativity and a willingness to think outside of the box.  Have a family meeting and get crazy. Better yet, be like Kid President and crank up the tunes and everyone DANCE!


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