Tongue Patch Diet?!

Okay, I picked up a friend to go running last week.  When she gets in the car she says…wait until you hear what I saw on 20/20 last night!  I do not have a TV so most of my friends help fill in the gaps of what is happening the in world–the good, the bad, and the ugly. So I asked about the show.  She proceeds to tell me that a doctor is sewing a plastic mesh patch onto people’s tongues so that it will hurt when they eat food.  Of all the things that I was expecting this was not even close.  So I just stared at her with my mouth hanging wide open.  I think I stayed that way for almost two minutes.  She then says…did you hear me?  I told I did hear her but I am sure I must have heard her wrong.  NOPE!  I heard her right.

I have been thinking this procedure over in my mind for almost a week now and have finally come to a place where I could comment.  First and foremost…this is not safe for so many reasons.  Even the simplest of operations can create long lasting problems such as infections.  Having a foreign object in your mouth can not be healthy. I am not a MD but I find it hard to believe that sewing something onto your tongue does not create problems or potential problems for the tongue itself. The dietary requirements have you drinking under 800 calories a day.  Way too few for health weight loss. This type of eating pattern can not and should not be sustained for a life time which is really what we all want.  A lifetime of health living.

The segment form 20/20 is in two parts.  I attached each of them below.  In total you have about 15 minutes of video.  But what I kept thinking is these two ladies need to develop healthy habits and get their thoughts and feeling in line.  They each suggest that the food had control over them not the other way around.  We can all appreciate that thought.  We have all had cravings that are so strong.  These ladies would have been better served to spend their money on weight loss counseling and deal with how they think about food so that they can feel empowered when it comes to their food choices.

Another thing I thought was that they would not understand why some food choices impact them negatively while others have a more positive effect. The one woman talked about a burger. Well a burger with all the trimmings would not be the best choice.  But what about a leaner version–turkey or chicken instead of beef.  Plenty of veggies like lettuce, spinach, onions, tomatoes, pickles.  Mustard instead of mayo.  No cheese.  Much healthier and you still get your burger.

Anyhow, I am still in awe of the lengths people will go to lose weight fast.  They are willing to spend insane amounts of money on these fads but are unwilling to but time and effort into long lasting changes that in the end cost significantly less.

Here are the two segments I watched:

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