I am in Portland for several different reasons.  But today I was able to travel around the city via public transportation.  We explored all sorts of neat things.  The one thing I noticed about the city is that it emphasizes riding your bike.  The trains have special hooks to hang the bikes.  There are bike racks…serious bike racks all over the city.  There are designated bike lanes everywhere.  This is a bike parking lot outside the hospital campus.  What you see is only about one-third of what was there.

Beside being environmentally sound, riding your bike offers great health benefits. By using your bike to commute to and from work as well as run errands, you ensure you get enough exercise everyday.

I bought bikes for John (my boyfriend) and I last August.  I rode my bike as much as I could before the dreaded cold and snow came.  Unfortunately Chicago is not ideal for winter bike riding.  However, there are many in Chicago who disagree.  I commend them for being faithful.

I feel like now that we have made it half way through January we are well on our way to spring and then I can get back on my bike instead of driving!

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